iWrapNY - Vinyl Car Wraps and Vehicle Wraps in Long Island NY!

Listen, nobody gets their car wrapped to be modest. You want to show off to your friends, impress the crowd, and take your ride to the next level. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to drive in style everywhere you go while protecting your nice paint job, so going online to look for vinyl car wrap NYC options just makes sense.

We want to give you real information to help make it easy to see not just why you should get a vinyl car wrap in NYC but more about the services we are proud to provide our customers.

Wraps & Services We Provide

Below is a full list of the types of vinyl car wraps that we provide.


Full Wraps

Why not dream big? We listen to what you feel fits your style best and offer a great range of finishes. Your factory-installed paint stays smooth, safe, and fully protected, while you show your style off to the world. 

Partial Wraps

Sometimes an accent is better than a full wrap, which is why we offer both to our customers. Go for the strategically placed camo look, or pick sections that will turn glossy black. Your options here are as flexible as your imagination.

Roof/hood Wraps

Make them take a second look at your ride with roof/hood wraps. It’s one of our most popular services for a reason, as just a few subtle changes can really transform your car!


When you see the valet bring around a sports car with stripes, you just know that beast is fun to drive. We can hook you up with custom stripes or easily replicate any OEM stripe pattern you like.

Chrome Delete

We saved one of our best services for last: the chrome delete! Get that blacked-out look and choose from three different finishes: gloss, satin, or matte black. 

How Long Does a Vinyl Wrap Last on a Car?

So, you’ve decided to jump into the vinyl car wrap NYC game, but you want to do it smartly. This is an investment in style, after all, so you want to make sure it lasts. You can expect our vinyl car wrap NYC service to last between three and five years.

We can walk you through what you need to do to keep your wrap looking great, like covering the car instead of letting it absorb too much heat from the sun. Excessive sun exposure can speed up the aging process, cracking your beautiful vinyl wrap muscle car project and causing parts to peel off.

What Are the Advantages of Wrapping a Car with Vinyl?

When trying to choose between painting your car and getting a vinyl wrap, NYC drivers have a few things to consider. The advantages of vinyl wrapping are plentiful, but the top reason to wrap a car with vinyl is to protect the paint that’s already on the vehicle.

The paint jobs on performance muscle cars are pretty nice straight from the factory, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t express your own style. Our vinyl wrap muscle car service gives you the freedom of something semi-permanent that can still change as your style changes.

The cost to replace your vehicle’s paint professionally is much higher than it is to wrap the vehicle in vinyl. We’re not talking about just doing some touch-up paint here and there, of
course: a full paint job is much more detailed, which in turn means more expensive.

We can also handle your commercial wrapping needs, which gives you not only the best way to advertise your business but all of the other protections mentioned here.


Is It Worth Vinyl Wrapping Your Car?

The investment into the way your vinyl wrap muscle car looks pays off on so many levels. If you’re someone that likes to be on the go, you will be amazed at the number of people that stop just to compliment you about your car.

Our vinyl wrap NYC services bring out the best in your sports car’s look, making it even more pleasurable to drive than before. The brief time that your car is in our shop is a small price to pay for being able to enjoy a great color and style for many years to come.

Do Vinyl Car Wraps Raise Your Insurance Rates?

Anyone living in the great state of New York knows that we aren’t a state known for low prices on much of anything, including car insurance. Will choosing a vinyl car wrapping service in NYC change your car insurance rates? Here’s the truth: typically, anything that does not alter your vehicle’s performance does not change your insurance.

We did check into this and saw that while you can get custom endorsements to cover additions and modifications, this is optional. You can enjoy your muscle car to the fullest with a great wrap job without paying extra in monthly insurance premiums.

Wrap Finish Options



A gloss wrap is often overlooked when it comes to vehicle wrapping because of its similarity to paint. We believe that it it this rose,blance that makes it striking and satisfying at the same time. A gloss wrap is the ideal choice for a paint-like appearance as it’s indistinguishable to the naked eye. It looks like paint, shines like paint but unlike paint – it’s reversible.


Cars have come standard with a glossy clear coat for decades and became the normal. But a subtle twist in the clear coat makes satin wraps particularly popular. Satin finish carries a unique smooth, frosted and silky color that’s only possible through today’s consistent vinyl material.


Matte finish is a very popular finish in vinyl wrap industry. It is a very similar option to satin but a bit duller. It brings out all of the cars angles you haven’t seen before in a gloss paint.

3D Simulator

We are now offering a new 3D Simulator service! Improved quality of visualization is closer to the real world than before. Thanks to that, materials are as accurate as possible. This way, we have the ability to show our customers how their car is going to look like when it is done. Stop by our shop to mess around with the 3D Simulator and create your dream car!




What Is a Vehicle Wrap?

Wraps come in all different shapes & sizes. Wraps start as large sheets of adhesive backed vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle application made available in a variety of styles & finishes. Some wraps are a full color change in matte, satin or gloss finishes, as well as chrome, “carbon fiber” look, and beyond. 

Vehicle wraps can also consist of printed designs containing imagery, photos, graphics, or branded elements to represent a business or group, or as “accents” on vehicle features like trim, spoilers, hoods, roofs, and trunks. Truly, the possibilities are endless; recent advancements in vinyl production technology has also opened up the possibilities to textured vehicle wraps like leather, alligator, snake skin, or holographic & 3D films!

How Much Do Vehicle Wraps Costs?

Every vehicle & application is different, so the price really depends on the scope of your vehicle wrap project. The materials involved as well as the nature of the job varies from customer to customer, but we provide accurate information and complete transparency before asking you for the go-ahead. For a more precise quote, contact us with more information about your wrap project.

Does a Vehicle Wrap Damage Your Paint?

No, but improper installation or removal can! A bad install means your vehicle’s paint might get damaged from razor blade scratches, and poor adhesion that ultimately leads to wrap failure. Also, if the wrong type of film is used during the application like a sign vinyl with extra strength adhesive or low flexibility, it can strip your paint and cause serious damage if & when it is not removed with care!

How Long Does a Vinyl Wrap Take to Install?

Stripes, graphics & accent pieces can typically be completed in 24 – 72 hours, but full color changes will take 3-5 days to complete.

How Do I Care for My Vinyl Wrap?

Proper wrap care starts with the basics. Keeping your vehicle’s surface clean is the primary concern, so frequent hand washing to eliminate surface contaminates is necessary if you want to keep your wrap from getting stained or damaged from road grime.

If you have any additional questions…