• Sporty Styling – Ford Mustang Side Stripe
  • Avery Dennison SW900 Car Wrapping Series Cast Vinyl
  • Built-In Protective Clear Coat Layer
  • Up to 8 Years Outdoor Durability
  • Air Release Technology for a Smooth, Wrinkle-Free Surface
  • Pre-Cut for Ease of Installation
  • Driver and Passenger Side Stripes Included
  • Fits All 2015-2020 Ford Mustang Models
  • Squeegee is included with your purchase.
  • Custom Design and Colors available! Contact Us today for custom order!

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Bold Sporty Styling. A pair of Ford Mustang Side Stripes, are an excellent way to add sporty styling to your 2015-2020 Ford Mustang. These iWrap Graphics Side Stripes will give your Mustang a bolder appearance that looks great out on the street or at the track.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed. All of the iWrap Graphics vinyl designs have been test fit, refined and then tested again on our very own fleet of vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Wrapping Cast Vinyl. iWrap Graphics uses only the highest quality vinyl which is Avery Dennison SW900 Car Wrapping Cast Vinyl. Featuring a built-in protective clear coat layer, this wrapping cast vinyl is designed to last through at least 8 years of harsh outdoor weather. This vinyl is far more durable when compared to similar products that were designed with thinner calendared vinyl film, which starts to degrade in just a couple of years.

Air Release Technology. Air release technology features miniature air channels on the adhesive side of the vinyl that allows air to be easily squeezed out from underneath. This technology provides a bubble-free installation and a smooth wrinkle-free surface.

Skill Level? Our kits are designed to be installed by the end user. View the Instructions prior to installation. If you are uncomfortable installing your graphic kit, contact your local Sign or Tint retailer in your area which will usually install the kit for a minimal fee.

Installing Graphic Kit:

  • Surface Preparation

Make sure your vehicle and your hands are clean and free of any wax, oil, road tar, hair, lint, dust or any other debris that can cause imperfections seen through the vinyl.

  • Graphic Placement

Dry-Fit your graphic by taping (masking tape) it in the specified location (do not remove backing paper on back side of graphic). this process will allow you to see where the kit will be applied.

  • Installation

While the graphic is in its correct position during the Dry-Fit process, apply masking tape vertically or horizontally over the center of graphic and beyond 2″ providing a center hinge. Lift one half and peel back the application tape & decal from the backing paper, then with scissors cut and remove backing paper near hinged area. Applying raised half with squeegee from the hinged area out moving left to right or up to down in one inch increments. Remove hinge and lift second half of decal removing backing paper starting from the area that was hinged. apply the rest of decal in the same method as first half. Once all sections have been successfully applied peel and remove pre-mask by pulling back at a sharp angle to avoid lifting the kit. Finally, use a sharp razor knife or blade to lightly cut the door openings. Do this carefully so as not to cut into the paint finish. It is best to trim the graphic back 1/8 of an inch from all edges. In other words, don’t cut in the center of the opening and fold the kit behind the door or into the door jamb. Instead, using your blade at a sharp angle riding the edge of the body panel cut from top to bottom of both sides of opening. That will give the kit a better grip on the vehicle and avoid lifting the edge from dirt, moisture, cleaning, and polishing.

  • Removing Bubbles

Bubbles can be removed by lightly massaging the vinyl with your palm, the air will go out through the air channels of the film. Don’t press on the vinyl hardly then the vinyl will crease!

Graphic Removal?

The graphic can be removed at any time. Heat the graphic  to loosen the adhesive which will make it easier to remove. Pull heated vinyl directly away from surface slowly, this should prevent adhesive from remaining of vehicle surface.

Return Policy

  • All Vinyl Graphics can be returned unless they are unused. Customer is responsible for return freight.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to open the package and inspect the items upon delivery. Packages that appear to be damaged should be immediately reported to the freight carrier. Damage due to shipping is the sole responsibility of the freight carrier. All claims are to be made by the customer directly with the carrier. Shipping carriers will not honor late claims.


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