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Welcome to Ceramic Pro Hauppauge

Ceramic Pro Elite Hauppauge is your one-stop destination if you’re looking for an elevated experience when it comes to detailing services. Our service bays are kept impeccably clean, and our showroom has a plethora of useful information about Ceramic Pro products.


Plus, with the guidance of our friendly sales team, you’ll surely find the perfect package that meets both your requirements and budget needs.


Our Ceramic Pro Elite Dealership is certified to offer preparation, installation, and aftercare for an extensive spectrum of premium ceramic coatings, PPF and window films. Our expertise covers a wide range of vehicles from cars, trucks, SUVs through to industrial equipment such as boats or watercraft based in Hauppauge.

What’s more we also provide general maintenance services plus warrantee inspections along with paint correction processes too. We’re also an exclusive installer of the Ultimate Armor Package.

If you’re looking for superior protection for any vehicle with exceptional hydrophobic properties, a CarFax Verified Warranty, and installed by expert detailers.


Our Certification

Ceramic Pro products have been extensively tested by SGS – The world’s leading independent testing body.

Ceramic Pro achieved the highest possible result in each test; no other automobile paint protection product to date has been officially tested. All products within the Ceramic Pro range have been tested and certified as non-toxic.


Our Products

Proven Technology


Window Tint Films

Ceramic Pro is the trendsetter in vehicle surface protection. KAVACA Window Films have been designed and tested with extensive research to give you the top looks and performance. Each automotive window tint is manufactured with superior-quality materials, integrates the latest technology, and assembled with the highest quality control standards.

ION Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro ION is a two-component ceramic coating system that utilizes revolutionary ION Exchange Technology to fuse multiple coating layers into a single, durable, and robust protected surface. This coating technology increases the strength of the atomic bond within the two coatings, and the original substrate once applied.

Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film

Kavaca Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is a high-tech PPF with super hydrophobic and non-yellowing properties. It has been developed for the automotive industry, but due to its outstanding quality, it can be used in any sphere that requires PPF installation.

KAVACA Matte Finish PPF

KAVACA Matte Finish PPF gives you the flexibility to instantly transform your gloss paint job to a deep, rich, matte finish at a fraction of the cost of a new matte paint job.


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